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Lawyers for Victims of University of Michigan Sex Abuse

University of Michigan Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

In July 2018, the University of Michigan officials were first alerted to a past instance of alleged sexual misconduct by former university physician Dr. Robert E. Anderson. Since then, several former patients have come out with similar accounts of sexual abuse by the late athletic doctor and director of University Health Service. Both the university and outside authorities are now investigating claims alleging abuse, unnecessary exams, and other misconduct.

If you believe you or a loved one is a survivor of Dr. Anderson’s abuse, it is highly recommended to:

1) Contact the hotline at (866) 990-0111 to report your assault.
2) Talk to an attorney who is experienced in representing survivors of institutional sexual abuse.

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Our Attorneys Will Fight If You Are A Victim of Dr. Anderson’s Sexual Abuse


Everything that you share with us is 100% confidential and private. We understand how important and sensitive this information is. We know how hard it is to come forward. This matter will stay between you and us. No one in public will know that you were assaulted, not even the other victims. Our Dr. Anderson sexual misconduct lawyers are ethically obligated to protect and honor your desire for confidentiality and anonymity.

Your identity and the facts of your incident can and will be kept private during all phases of your claim in case. This includes any pre-settlement discussions with the University of Michigan. Your identity can be kept private and anonymous if and when we decide to file a lawsuit in this case. Your identity can be kept private and anonymous for any settlement and/or recovery that we obtain in this case.


We want to fight for you and every survivor of sexual abuse. What happened to you was wrong. Even if it happened a long time ago, courageous people like you will help us hold the University of Michigan accountable for the crimes that Dr. Anderson committed against you or a loved one.

Unmatched Record Handling Sexual Abuse Cases

Estey and Bomberger specialize in representing victims of sexual assault. Our law firm has never lost a sexual assault case!

We Are Uniquely Equipped to Fight for Justice

Our U of M sexual abuse lawyers are nationally recognized as premier trial attorneys for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. In fact, we have the largest per-person verdict for sexual abuse cases in the United States.

Our legal team is at the forefront of protecting victims of abuse, fighting to incite change on an institutional level. We not only seek compensation for the harm caused to students, but we are also advocates for real change to ensure the safety of future students in all places of higher education.

We have recently spearheaded litigation against Ohio State University for the hundreds of sexual abuse cases arising from Dr. Richard Strauss and his tenure as a university physician. Ultimately, we fight to amend the statute of limitations in the state so that all affected survivors are able to secure compensation and closure against the liable parties – regardless of when the abuse occurred.


Filing a civil lawsuit to recover monetary damages can help with the healing process. It also helps to empower other survivors. The prosecution of former Olympic and Michigan State University doctor, Larry Nassar, was the direct result of survivors speaking out against the abuse. He is now behind bars for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, criminal cases against sexual predators do virtually nothing for the survivors. Civil Law provides an alternative for victims who wish to seek justice.  Civil claims will likely either be resolved in Prelitigation or during or after Litigation


If a case resolves in Prelitigation, this means that the claim has resolved, usually in a confidential settlement, before a lawsuit is filed.


Some civil claims will go into Litigation. This means that a lawsuit is filed, naming the survivor, either in true name or under a Jane or John Doe pseudonym, as a plaintiff. Cases in Litigation can be resolved either through confidential settlement after the filing of a lawsuit or after a jury trial and verdict.

The University of Michigan sex abuse lawyers at our law firm work hard to determine the best strategic path in order to receive the most favorable resolution for survivors.

Dr. Anderson’s Abuse of University of Michigan Athletes

Recent accounts have shed light on a history of sexual misconduct and abuse dating back to the 1960s. As director of University Health Service, Dr. Anderson allegedly conducted inappropriate medical examinations that included molestation, groping, and exposure of his own genitals to patients.

Additionally, when Dr. Anderson became the athletic team physician at the University of Michigan, multiple athletes were allegedly subjected to “routine” rectal examinations that he deemed were “medically necessary.”

Although university officials and local authorities continue to investigate these allegations, they have yet to determine the scope of Anderson’s crimes. In order to gather more information surrounding this case, the university has installed a hotline for any survivors to give their University of Michigan sexual assault account.

Contact the University of Michigan Sexual Misconduct Attorneys Today

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse by Dr. Anderson, please contact our University of Michigan sexual abuse lawyers today for a free case consultation. We want to help you find justice in this trying time.

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The Estey-Bomberger team achieved beyond the desired results, and made me feel safe during the process. I felt that they truly listened to me and are helping to affect change to create a world in which we can live in without fear by holding the guilty parties accountable to create change.


The entire team at this law firm has gone above and beyond what I could have ever imagined and I’ve come to feel empowered after working with them. Throughout the entirety of both my criminal and civil cases, Mike and his team were on point with their communication, knowledge and support.


I appreciate what you and the rest of staff at Estey & Bomberger did for me, you all are awesome. Many, many thanks. Even though, in the beginning I was skeptical of your company, but that all changed when you first contacted me, you showed me Professionalism, and Strength.


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