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A Long History of Sexual Misconduct at the University of Michigan

March 6, 2020 | UMich Sexual Abuse

Many survivors of former University of Michigan Dr. Robert E. Anderson, and now clients of Estey & Bomberger, say that one reason they are coming forward is to make the University safer for current and future students. If you or a loved one were victims of Dr. Anderson’s sexual misconduct, please contact the U of M sexual misconduct attorneys for a free consultation.


Even before news broke that Dr. Anderson was accused of sexually abusing perhaps hundreds of students, U-M has had a problem with keeping students safe from authority figures using their power to engage in acts of sexual misconduct.


UM Provost Martin A. Philbert

On January 21, 2020, the U-M Provost, Martin A. Philbert, was placed on paid administrative leave following a three-day internal affairs investigation. According to reports from The Detroit Free Press, dozens of people made sexual misconduct allegations that stretched back a decade. Over the years, the University had been notified at least three times concerning complaints against the Provost. The Provost office is the department in charge of investigating sexual misconduct cases. 


More sexual misconduct cases involving U-M faculty


Steve Shipps

The school of Music, Theatre & Dance professor, retired in May of 2019 after the student-run newspaper published an investigative news story detailing four decades of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.


Dr. Jason Mars

Professor of computer science Jason Mars is under pressure by the faculty at the University of Michigan’s computer science and engineering department to take a leave of absence following reports that he stepped down from an AI startup with deep ties to the University of Michigan after employees accused him of sexual harassment. 


James Cavalcoli

The former assistant professor of computational medicine and bioinformatics, is serving ten years in federal prison for trying to have sex with a teenage boy after he traveled to Weston, Florida. 


Using the Dr. Anderson case to drive change at the University of Michigan

The national spotlight is now on U-M, and the time to hold the University accountable for its failure to protect students is now. The law firm of Estey & Bomberger is standing by to protect your legal rights and to become your attorney. Together, accountability starts with ensuring that survivors are compensated and that the safety of students is the number one priority for the University.


The award-winning Univerisity of Michigan sexual abuse victim attorneys have been helping survivors of sexual abuse, including 85 male victims of physician sexual abuse at Ohio State, for over twenty years. They have a successful history helping survivors and their families both financially and through the healing process while achieving the highest per-person verdicts for these types of cases.


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