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For more than 20 years, our University of Michigan sexual assault attorneys (Mike Bomberger and Steve Estey) have represented victims of sexual abuse and their families. We have handled many cases involving schools around the country that failed to protect their students from sexual predators, including most recently the Ohio State sexual abuse cases involving Dr. Richard Strauss where we represented multiple individuals.

We limit both the type and number of cases we accept in order to provide the very best service we can provide and to help make sure we do everything we can to get the very best outcomes for our clients. Our law firm consists of experienced trial lawyers and complex litigators with extensive experience handling sexual abuse lawsuits. We encourage all victims to reach out to us. We have the sophistication, experience, and resources to take on the entities who protect and conceal sexual predators while seeking justice for our clients.

Our legal team is a trauma-informed law firm built with an incredible team built to help our clients in every way possible. Our team consists of psychologists, therapists and attorneys with extensive experience successfully handling sexual assault lawsuits.

Typically, big institutions like The University of Michigan refuse to financially compensate hundreds, if not thousands, of students that were sexually abused by their failures. Our law firm will seek to hold them financially responsible for decades of harboring sexual predators.