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University of Michigan former Doctor, Robert E. Anderson

February 27, 2020 | UMich Sexual Abuse

The University of Michigan is facing its own #MeToo moment following reports that former University Health Service Director and Athletic Department team physician, Dr. Robert E. Anderson, engaged in more than three decades of sexual misconduct with reportedly hundreds of students.

Doctor Robert E. Anderson began his medical career in 1953 after he earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan. According to his obituary in 2008, his career started at an internship at Hurley Hospital, and then Dr. Anderson joined a private practice in Flint, Michigan. During this time, he developed “a new program in sports medicine that provided free physical exams to high school athletes. The American Medical Society later adopted this program.”

From 1966 to 1980, he was the Director of Student Health Services at the University of Michigan. The Detroit News reported that university employees were aware of possible allegations against Dr. Anderson. Thomas Easthope, an administrator, ousted Dr. Anderson as the Director of Student Health Services.

In 1980, Dr. Anderson had a private practice in Andrology and also served as an FAA Aeromedical Examiner.

Enabled by the University of Michigan to harm countless students

Despite losing his position as Director of Student Health Services, Dr. Anderson continued to work for the University of Michigan as part of the department of internal medicine faculty until 1998. In 1988, he was awarded the President’s Challenge Award by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association.

He also became the team physician for the University of Michigan athletes. He served as the football team’s physician until he retired in 2003.

According to recent stories published by the Associated Press, former UM students describe a timeline of Dr. Anderson’s sexual misconduct stretching back to the early 1970s and as late as the 1990s.

Cases of alleged sexual misconduct began to emerge in 2018 publicly.

Dr. Anderson died in 2008, which is one reason why the Washtenaw County Prosecutor did not file charges. Plus, the statute of limitations had passed.

Dr. Anderson’s family shared in his obituary how he was fondly nicknamed “Doc A” to former patients. Still, unfortunately, the numerous victims do not share the same fond memories of Dr. Anderson. For the sexual assault victims, he was “Dr. Drop Your Drawers.”

Protect your legal rights

Since his medical career spanned decades at the University of Michigan, investigators have created a victim hotline. As more victims come forward, investigators are starting to piece together the overall scope of potential abuse. To protect your legal rights, call our University of Michigan sexual abuse attorneys today.

The University is paying a law firm to investigate and to prepare a report for the University. The school has the right to release a report with redactions or omissions. Having us by your side will ensure that your story is told and reflected correctly in the final report. Plus, if you were a survivor or victim of Dr. Robert E. Anderson, you may be owed significant compensation.

Dr. Anderson is the latest team sports doctor accused of being a sexual predator in recent years. His case parallels the cases of Larry Nassar and Richard Strauss. The institutions failed to take action not only in terms of protecting the patients/victims when complaints arose, but also failing to terminate their medical positions.  Instead, universities did nothing, which allowed these physicians to victimize countless patients through their unchecked protocols and unnecessary procedures.

As more sexual misconduct cases emerge with team sports physicians, it is clear that no one is safe from a potential sexual predator in the #MeToo era, and a major reason why victims and survivors need to protect their legal rights by calling the law firm of Estey & Bomberger.

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